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  • Connor MacDonald
    Connor MacDonald3 timer siden

    Hey MatPat. Could you do a theory on Raised by wolves. Maybe you could figure out how much force it would take for Mother's scream to turn someone into red mist. That would be awesome.

  • Kooled Ice
    Kooled Ice3 timer siden

    Howd the looney tunes cheat tho? Isn't that title clickbait

  • Null_Soul1
    Null_Soul13 timer siden

    Food theory Game theory Film theory Toy theory

  • the pussy destroyer
    the pussy destroyer3 timer siden

    “yellow guy, red guy and bla- duck, yeah duck”

  • A
    A3 timer siden

    Kalarippayattu is the mother of martial arts ... joining both body and mind ... like master oogway said

  • Troy Ralls
    Troy Ralls3 timer siden

    1st movie was better

  • Jamilah Otero
    Jamilah Otero3 timer siden

    okay rhyming in the first minute tho

  • I’m-Okay
    I’m-Okay3 timer siden

    Where is this video-

  • Reynaldo Bacalde TV
    Reynaldo Bacalde TV3 timer siden


  • Reynaldo Bacalde TV
    Reynaldo Bacalde TV3 timer siden


  • Eric C
    Eric C3 timer siden

    The Good Place never shows us how exactly the updated afterlife test works, maybe what we have witnessed happening on Michael is exactly that, the test. They said the test will force you into ethical dilemmas and after you finished the test, someone will review the test with you. Assuming the demons will have to maintain some form of "torture" happening, season 1 to 2(first half) is about Michael's torture. After that, he is faced with ethical dilemmas (lying to his friends), and then he decided to help his friends (doing good). I suspect after Michael dies as a real human, people will reveal to them that is the test and he finally completes it, earning the entrance ticket to the good place and can finally pass the door.

  • Maniac Emancipator Gaming
    Maniac Emancipator Gaming3 timer siden

    as the name implies the chosen one was "chosen" so in turn whoever was 'chosen" is the chosen one. and in his own words Voldemort "chose" harry.

  • Syl20De
    Syl20De3 timer siden

    It's a smudge.

  • Aini Rajaniemi
    Aini Rajaniemi3 timer siden

    Sorry i HATE Dumbledore why he did not tell nothing to Harry Nevill of enyone not even Dobby?!

  • Leonardo Somma
    Leonardo Somma3 timer siden

    In toy story 3 buzz thinks hes a TEAL space ranger when they set him back to FACTORY mode..... maybe the people who make the toys make them alive

  • Melissa Sawicki
    Melissa Sawicki3 timer siden

    The animated was dumb so delete this theory

  • Mr. Ahmed
    Mr. Ahmed3 timer siden

    "Improve your life or die" is this the secret message.

  • Leonardo Somma
    Leonardo Somma3 timer siden

    Commenting from the future: Toy story 4 just doesnt tell that story, sorry matpat, maybe wait until AFTER a movie is released just to make sure ur theory ends up being 100% accurate. Never hurts to take precautions

  • Frog jr.
    Frog jr.3 timer siden

    film theory idea: Which form(showa, hesei,etc.) of Godzilla is the strongest?

  • creamioux
    creamioux3 timer siden

    Sheeeesh this is not a spokky It's a scary...

  • i know i’m stupid but,
    i know i’m stupid but,3 timer siden

    I just realized one minion or more has two dif eye color

  • Aini Rajaniemi
    Aini Rajaniemi3 timer siden

    No no that power what voldymoldy don't have ITS not love it's nose

  • Cyber PLAYZ
    Cyber PLAYZ3 timer siden

    Jurassic park was in Hawaii

  • Aini Rajaniemi
    Aini Rajaniemi3 timer siden

    I want Harry Potter scaar tahtoo😂😂😂😂😂

  • Leo Meow
    Leo Meow3 timer siden

    Actually they were in the background as a small alien form

  • Aaronn Stafford
    Aaronn Stafford3 timer siden

    I think CRM stands for Cure Research Military.

  • Joseph Spoto
    Joseph Spoto3 timer siden

    I should have said this when you first drop the video but Godzilla always like William Afton he always comes back.

  • dmrgaming
    dmrgaming3 timer siden

    Matt really thinks hes being smart thinking its a meta comment smh so fucking dumb

  • Coltonthehuman
    Coltonthehuman3 timer siden

    Finally a worthy video to watch... It will be legendary

  • Leo Liu
    Leo Liu3 timer siden

    I wish you were right, this season has been the worst of all season so far

  • carlos castillo
    carlos castillo3 timer siden

    Ok but Prince= in 30s Snow White=14

  • Thanh Nguyen
    Thanh Nguyen3 timer siden

    read the comic dude

  • Suprtek
    Suprtek3 timer siden

    Definition of they had us in the 1st half

  • rxjasnoor gamming
    rxjasnoor gamming3 timer siden

    this was back when se 4 was oncoued only 5 epoisodes but then they mad 5 more over prommising what a great show i hate spelling

  • Sowel 44
    Sowel 443 timer siden

    As far as I'm concerned this was confirmed the moment rick started hanging out with other ricks.

  • BZ Toph
    BZ Toph3 timer siden

    Wrong. But you can’t always be right

    ADAM GIBSON3 timer siden

    7:03 wally!

  • Finn Murphy
    Finn Murphy3 timer siden

    Before I watched this theory I knew it was a cult

  • Owen McGahey
    Owen McGahey4 timer siden

    Mothra! Why did you say that name!!!!!

  • Fallout Pip
    Fallout Pip4 timer siden

    Also video is very jack stauber-esque

  • Iron Wolf
    Iron Wolf4 timer siden

    When u already watched season 4 🤭

  • Moz TF
    Moz TF4 timer siden

    Mattpatt: BOOM! Godzilla! Me: shut up.

  • Tobi Ayibiowu
    Tobi Ayibiowu4 timer siden

    use owa bunga as a replacemenet for yes as an exclamation

  • Kritix
    Kritix4 timer siden

    What if all the measurements are different in this universe and the gold is more or less worth in this universe

  • JosephL31
    JosephL314 timer siden

    you can see rick and mortys graves in the plantina episode but what if Morty couldn’t handle all the trauma and that’s what makes him snap and I in one episode he kills Rick and then he freaks out like him having to bury himself in the start and then after that him having to go through all that heartbreak and stuff and then rick just being a total jerk he is, this might just be an alternate version of what could’ve happened to c-137

  • Jayzdagamer
    Jayzdagamer4 timer siden

    This makes sense: Spider has is own megalovainia Megalovainia is from sans Sans is depresed

  • Taylor
    Taylor4 timer siden

    I went to springfield oregon recently, and took a picture with the welcome sign just because of this video.

  • Ville Irc
    Ville Irc4 timer siden

    They wore in the movie except they didn't play

  • Sugar 123
    Sugar 1234 timer siden

    Why does matt say deku like day koo

  • Fallout Pip
    Fallout Pip4 timer siden

    man we gotta find out who makes those starter jingles

  • Lihte
    Lihte4 timer siden

    Theory: in the Planet talent show episode Morty sees a picture of rick holding morty but morty notices that it isnt him. Meaning maybe rick c137 is evil morty's rick. When he ask bird person who it is bird person changes the subject

  • Late_Bloomer
    Late_Bloomer4 timer siden

    I kept telling people. Y’all sleepin’ on my mane.

  • Pug gamer 2.0
    Pug gamer 2.04 timer siden

    Let’s just say… Rick and morty in space jam

  • Science Duck
    Science Duck4 timer siden

    I love how matpat called this video "the loony tunes cheated" then literally spends the whole video talking about how bad the monstars were.

  • Alexandru Turiac
    Alexandru Turiac4 timer siden

    Mantises are vicious predators. The female is bigger and sometimes eats the male after mating. In the next kung fu panda the mantis will be replaced with his wife who ate him.

  • 《 Pirø_Pumpkin 》
    《 Pirø_Pumpkin 》4 timer siden

    I think that they all answered because the call was from their home town.

  • Makayla Lewis
    Makayla Lewis4 timer siden

    O-O OML

  • Serious Special Sarcastic Silly Spontaneous Potato
    Serious Special Sarcastic Silly Spontaneous Potato4 timer siden

    To be honest, something like this shouldn't even surprise anyone, honestly. The season literally opened with Rick admitting to be a "Weak, Small, little man."

  • Kevin Sherrard
    Kevin Sherrard4 timer siden

    I don’t know how that means that the Looney Tunes cheated as much as the monstars didn’t do their research before selecting their players

  • Ali Ghaleb
    Ali Ghaleb4 timer siden


  • Aini Rajaniemi
    Aini Rajaniemi4 timer siden

    Yes corona is not save😂

    ReVÆ8 GA•ME•MEING4 timer siden

    9:34 No No marvel doesn't take credit here You do

  • Aini Rajaniemi
    Aini Rajaniemi4 timer siden

    Why did Frozen 2 come now this is ded theory 😂‼️‼️‼️

  • Shreyas Madimugar Raghu CSA CBE
    Shreyas Madimugar Raghu CSA CBE4 timer siden

    does he realize that when he was talking about the power of an infinity stone, he doesnt factor in thanos bending the laws of physics?

  • Koleen Hansen
    Koleen Hansen4 timer siden

    That's how they used to do in religions

  • Darien Julian
    Darien Julian4 timer siden

    13:50 so accurate

  • Definitely not a noob
    Definitely not a noob4 timer siden

    Do a Marble Hornets theory

  • Joseph Baker
    Joseph Baker4 timer siden

    Ok so a sledgehammer, or a saws all to reduce them to bite size pieces...there are otherwise to get them small enough for all the cats

  • Alexandru Turiac
    Alexandru Turiac4 timer siden

    The thing that suprised me the most was that road runner did not Score even If he is One of the fastest Looney Tunes .

  • Hotsnow3241
    Hotsnow32414 timer siden

    10ft x 8in

  • Kacper Pogorzelski
    Kacper Pogorzelski4 timer siden

    When people said they wanted the monsters to come back they meant new people getting their power stolen not the same players from the 90s

  • Galaxy Wolf pranks
    Galaxy Wolf pranks4 timer siden

    The kids who see you videos

  • Turkey Productions
    Turkey Productions4 timer siden

    Can you do rwby theory’s

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger4 timer siden

    You should do a theory that Dolores Umbridge is a Death Eater

  • Joshua Morales
    Joshua Morales4 timer siden

    Ghostbusters song: who you gonna call not me i'm afraid ghost I'm totally afraid of ghosts 🎶🎶🎶

  • STUPID Lucas
    STUPID Lucas4 timer siden

    that dirty rat troy did bad under are nosse

  • stan gumi
    stan gumi4 timer siden


  • Orchid's Art
    Orchid's Art4 timer siden

    Will we be seeing any more videos on the series? I think it has a lot of video potential.