Film Theory: Follow The Rabbit... Decoding The Walten Files.


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    man i love this guy but this is too creepy for me i hope to see more of this its good creepy

  • R K
    R K48 minutter siden

    are we gonna ignore that he called red “purple”

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    Wa wa walten

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    Why didn't you mention walten files three?

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    Wa-Wa walten

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    Unknown Specter of the VoidTime siden

    Yo, what's with giant, robotic bunnies becoming mass murderers after they may or may not become possessed by a family man/owner of the restaurant that they reside in? And sometimes said Murder Bunny kills someone in their family. Is this a pattern that anyone else is noticing?

  • Random Lemmie
    Random Lemmie2 timer siden

    bro am I color blind or does sophie look like her uniform is the color red

  • ray wastaken
    ray wastaken2 timer siden

    i think the jack is dead and is the shadow man

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    Also video is very jack stauber-esque

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    man we gotta find out who makes those starter jingles

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    Will we be seeing any more videos on the series? I think it has a lot of video potential.

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    And apparently... the Rabbit is still starving

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    Bruh I’ve been waiting for part two for weeks

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    11:40 When the big blue rabbit is sus

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    Wa jackson

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    Do battington tapes next it has lore

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    me in the middle of the night at 3 am: *overthinks*

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    I need another one pleaase

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    I definitely think you should continue this series, it's fun in the horrifying way, just what I need

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    i thought this was a fnaf movie lol

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    may i thank you for how fast paced this is? i am so intrigued by the walten files but i cant bring myself to sit through the long tapes. thanks for shoving it in a 17 minute video! /pos

    NEVERSUB2ME11 timer siden

    I am fucking scared of the Walten Files, especially Bon Bunny...



    11 timer siden

    Charles...who is he?

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    “Awkwardly placed knives!” Yo i run into those all the time! How do they get there!?!?

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    I want more, pls. Wa-wa-Walten.

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    0:49 when the matpat sus

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    When he said bon's burger's I thought he said Bob's burger's

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    e -wa wa walten-

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    Honestly, I was so terrified of this theory that the only time I was in full screen was in the ad break…

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    wa-wa walten

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    Um wa-wa-walten I suppose, Matt.

  • It do be like that sometimes.
    It do be like that sometimes.20 timer siden

    I hope this continues, soon.

  • It do be like that sometimes.
    It do be like that sometimes.20 timer siden

    10:35, omg, they were roommates

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    Google one is a scam. You should not have to pay for storage.

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    Wa-wa walten

  • It do be like that sometimes.
    It do be like that sometimes.20 timer siden

    The intro reminds me of Omega Mart

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    Please keep going I love this wa wa walten

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    sophie’s security outfit is red not purple! 😡🤬

  • The Most Mediocre Youtuber Alive

    The Most Mediocre Youtuber Alive

    18 timer siden

    Well considering how dark it is around Sophie its probably safe to say the darkness is probably making it look like her uniform is red. not to mention why would they use resources for a red uniform for one specific member? its just a waste of material

  • ace thedrifter
    ace thedrifter20 timer siden

    Do the banana splits please

  • Quinn Schulte
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    Harmony and horror is better if you ask me

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    When do we get Part 2?

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    its like bonnie on heroin

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    "Awkwardly placed knives."

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    MM, you say the youtube comment section is the scariest thing.. YOU'RE WRONG... IT'S ACTUALLY YOU'RE.... S E A R C H H I S T O R Y

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    Wa Wa Wal- Waluigi!

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    Make part 2!

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    wa wa walten

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    wa-wa walten

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    As someone who loves the weirdcore aesthetic and Fnaf this is a pure masterpiece

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    Wa-Wa-Walten 🙂

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    Still waiting on part 2

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    Well MatPat, we are waiting for part 2

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    I’ve watched some of them and I had nightmares it’s not worth it 😀

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    Time siden

    yea i had to learn that the hard way, i just watched it and i don’t think i’ll ever sleep again

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    Oliver DuffyDag siden

    "so this tells us that the person who drew this is almost as bad as this comment"

  • Caitlin Lee
    Caitlin LeeDag siden

    I went through the first video and the part part where it sounds backwards that’s cause I think it is. I reversed it then sped it up and only heard the first 3 and last 2 words it said “We finally start to remember “ and “Thank you”

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    Cringe gachaDag siden

    possibly in michagin?

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    If I'm honest banny and Bon know a lot more then they need to, it's not their designs that scare me, it's what they are planning to do or show you

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    Hello fellow watcher do not feel ashamed for just listening to the audio, I’m doing it too :)

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    Def do more of this Fnaf could never do this it is more raw I agree

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    Oof silently hoping film theory works on the other tape for the walten files

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    Wa-wa-Walten 🦛💨

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    I have never been in this fandom, but now I am!

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    pov: you are waiting for mat to release a new vid on the walten files

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    icarusDag siden deffo needs a whole episode about it and the other websites linked to it

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    Wait wait sponsored by WHAT

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    Pov you don't understand why matpat said Sophie's uniform are purple bc you see it red

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    Kranken is the multiple form of ill-person being spoken of in german. Fun stuff.

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    Man the intro gave me already a warning what's to come, why didn't i listen!?!?

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    Good job on 10 mil

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    7:34 Best ad placement ever 😂

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    Petition for mat to make a ENA one | v

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    Wa-wa-Walten :)

  • ʜᴏᴋᴀɢᴇ ᴅᴀᴛᴛᴇʙᴀʏᴏ
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    They're not that scary

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    Leonardo SommaDag siden

    Matpat said jack and rosie both met and untimely fate and then in jack's place put bon.....bon also knew rosie well enough to call her by her shorter dont think?.......

  • Leonardo Somma
    Leonardo SommaDag siden

    12:36 why is there a GRAVE for bon

  • Leonardo Somma
    Leonardo SommaDag siden

    12:36 ummm...... who's that behind the tree?

  • Omar Obeid
    Omar ObeidDag siden

    MatPat: "A new character who's wearing everyone's favorite color, purple." Meanwhile Fnaf being the only one with purple security outfits

  • Leonardo Somma
    Leonardo SommaDag siden

    Since Bon thought Ryan was Sophie and Sophie is one of Jack's children.......Maybe Jack did something to the animatronics to make them hold a grudge..........

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    Wa wa walten

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    im gonna have nightmares😂also wa-wa-walten

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    ah, the gray rabbit ashley found must be edd and molly, because of their doll.

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    6:31 as he said this part my etched glass light up thingy fell back on my desk and scared the crap out of me, then the flash of it switching colors messed with my eyes since it's 11 P.M and I thought it was moving LMAOOO HELP

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    nvm i love your contant

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    you're not the game theory anymore?

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    Dag siden

    matpat has three channels: game theory (the original), film theory (the one you’re watching now) and food theory (the newest one)