Film Theory: We're Watching Evil Morty's Origin Story! (Rick and Morty Season 5)


  • Reed Lazore
    Reed Lazore19 minutter siden

    One thing about the first episode is that rick does mention getting "mermaid puss" and mr nimbus responded with "I KNEW that was you"

  • Leo Liu
    Leo Liu2 timer siden

    I wish you were right, this season has been the worst of all season so far

  • Sowel 44
    Sowel 442 timer siden

    As far as I'm concerned this was confirmed the moment rick started hanging out with other ricks.

  • JosephL31
    JosephL312 timer siden

    you can see rick and mortys graves in the plantina episode but what if Morty couldn’t handle all the trauma and that’s what makes him snap and I in one episode he kills Rick and then he freaks out like him having to bury himself in the start and then after that him having to go through all that heartbreak and stuff and then rick just being a total jerk he is, this might just be an alternate version of what could’ve happened to c-137

  • Lihte
    Lihte2 timer siden

    Theory: in the Planet talent show episode Morty sees a picture of rick holding morty but morty notices that it isnt him. Meaning maybe rick c137 is evil morty's rick. When he ask bird person who it is bird person changes the subject

  • Serious Special Sarcastic Silly Spontaneous Potato
    Serious Special Sarcastic Silly Spontaneous Potato2 timer siden

    To be honest, something like this shouldn't even surprise anyone, honestly. The season literally opened with Rick admitting to be a "Weak, Small, little man."

  • Marksman Drilla
    Marksman Drilla4 timer siden

    It’s actually the future

  • josh trotter
    josh trotter4 timer siden

    Ok but Rick tould nimbus about smashing Mirmade is puss and he was like i knows that was you

  • Blink Bruh
    Blink Bruh5 timer siden

    Ok there is one huge, and i mean huge plot hole... How is Space Beth with them at the end of ep 2, if we are following a different Morty?

  • shadow
    shadow6 timer siden

    the smartest rick would have the dummest morty

  • Jordon East
    Jordon East8 timer siden

    BART Simpson‘s been the same age for over 30 years

    THATBOIKERRO9 timer siden

    It’s crazy cause Rick told Jerry he loved him…..That can’t be C-137😂

  • S M Jaglul Hasan
    S M Jaglul Hasan9 timer siden

    Nope! This Rick is still of C-137 as confirmed by Episode 7. Your theory sadly is wrong. The writers are just clumsy in this season.

  • ZedAitchKay
    ZedAitchKay10 timer siden

    I also do not know if this is a coincidence but if u look at the flags in the dimension where everything ages fast, it has a sword through the morty head which might be where evil morty gets the idea for the morty dagger through the R in the citadel

  • Gavin the delivery man
    Gavin the delivery man10 timer siden

    Mat pat: explains that beth was the one that helped morty and the only way ruin it she might die or lets down morty Beth in s5 ep7: lets down morty

  • Jonah Ad
    Jonah Ad11 timer siden

    Don't forget we haven't seen the portal gun so far

  • Jonah Ad

    Jonah Ad

    10 timer siden

    @Gavin the delivery man when?

  • Gavin the delivery man

    Gavin the delivery man

    10 timer siden

    We did

  • Ice Bear
    Ice Bear11 timer siden

    I just realized, there are a lot of comments about Beth being a good mother in this season, a weird but understandable change, unless... Its not our Beth

  • cody k
    cody k11 timer siden

    But how does he get intelligent enough to become the evil morty we know about

  • kevin mashru
    kevin mashru11 timer siden

    All the people saying episode 3 had the graves of previous dead Rick and morty. When Rick switched reality in season 1, he said he could only do it few more time implying he has done this before. So that’ could totally be another version of Rick and morty not the one that died in season 1

  • Baby Pluto
    Baby Pluto12 timer siden

    the creators said the characters dont age

  • nick n
    nick n13 timer siden

    How can people believe this dumb crap. It's just a bad written season.

  • 730LSSS
    730LSSS13 timer siden

    Nice try but too forced

  • Longslongdaddypong
    Longslongdaddypong13 timer siden

    Notice how Rick hasnt been as drunk lately!

  • Nikola Adamovic
    Nikola Adamovic13 timer siden

    S5e7 it's stated that it's c137... 😪

  • Benjamin B
    Benjamin B13 timer siden

    But space Beth has already made an appearance and likely will again, doesn’t this have to mean we’re following Morty C-137?

  • Atmosphere 1
    Atmosphere 114 timer siden

    This season hurts my brain

  • Mitch Hart
    Mitch Hart14 timer siden

    I have something that might debunk the Evil Morty theme. In the Season 5 episode "Amortycan Grickfitti" Summer mentions the Keep Summer safe episode, which would imply that this is the original Smith family.

  • planet Birthday
    planet Birthday15 timer siden

    Spoiler : In episode Seven Rick is referred to as C-137

  • Pipe
    Pipe15 timer siden

    How I wish this is it!!! I agree that characters feel off this season, specially Morty.

  • Daniel Rojas
    Daniel Rojas16 timer siden

    I don't know about being Evil Morty, but yes there's various bits saying this is not the same family. in s5e3 there's a part where Rick calls Summer "Summerfest". He's absolutely always called her "Sum-Sum" until now, and no one thought it was off.

  • Iris
    Iris16 timer siden

    I think episode 6 of Season 5 actually confirms this theory. Before planning the Turkey Trick, Jerry asks Rick "Jesus how many times have you done that?" And Rick says, "I don't know, how many year have I been here? *Careful how you answer that!*" Rick looks completely sincere when he tells Jerry to be careful about what he says next. I think it's because Jerry's answer would let us know whether the Rick we're watching has been there for just a few years, or if this is Rick who's been with the Smith family for Morty's whole life.

  • Jason Blasingame
    Jason Blasingame16 timer siden

    Happy Thanksgiving in July, people 🙂

  • Krevos
    Krevos16 timer siden

    Also Rick stop drinking... And burping.

  • DS69R
    DS69R17 timer siden

    Even more evidence for this now because of the last episode, apparently Rick has turned himself into a turkey to get the presidential pardon for misdeeds he has done several years in a row.

  • JocularSolid
    JocularSolid17 timer siden

    Ok but didn't they have the beth clones in episode 2

  • j m
    j m18 timer siden

    i too read the sudreddit theories

  • jrm23ify
    jrm23ify18 timer siden

    Lol, simplest solution is usually right, the show has lost a step lol, accept it like adults people

  • nineta
    nineta18 timer siden

    Rick and Morty decor

  • Rose Bride
    Rose Bride18 timer siden

    I wish this were true. It'd be SO COOL to have this sort of meta twist in the narrative, and even better is that it would be to reminiscent of earlier, (AND BETTER) R&M stories. Sadly, it's more likely something as simple as most of the original (and BETTER) writers jumping ship for Justin Roiland's _Solar Opposites_ as well as others leaving for Marvel/Disney. (Both of which have already been confirmed by Dan Harmon himself) With how much the stories and writing have gone down hill, it feels more accurate to say that this is nothing clever that they're doing ON PURPOSE...just the quality in the writers room going way, WAY down. 😐

  • Eric Evrley
    Eric Evrley18 timer siden

    Beth turning her back on morty?? That’s just like the newest episode holy moly

  • Cringy 7-Year-Old
    Cringy 7-Year-Old19 timer siden

    First theory he ever got right?

  • Martyno322
    Martyno32219 timer siden

    Or every episode just occurs in a different universe with a different Rick/Morty, and only a handful of the episodes in the show focus on Rick C137...

  • Josie Marie
    Josie Marie19 timer siden

    Okay I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this video….. totally changed how I look at season 5! I must point out though in Ep 3 when Morty and Planetina are flying away from the house you can see the graves for C-132 Rick and Morty in the backyard. You can tell because it’s dirt and stuff but 1) have we even seen the graves like this before? Does this mean it’s possible the graves in S5E3 are actually the bodies of C-137 Rick and Morty- somehow done by evil Morty? Or 2) does that mean that this is in fact C-137 Rick and Morty that we have been watching all this time just like the rest of the show? (For the most part of course we had the decoy episode) P.S. I love how they make fun of the fans and especially the theorists that watch the show. It only adds to the excitement for me!

  • Faisal Bhatti
    Faisal Bhatti20 timer siden

    The ep 7 leak completely negated this with Rick blatantly being called Rick C-137

  • Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

    13 timer siden

    The last episode just proclaimed that the ship and summer had usdd the sentence "keep summer safe" before, which doesnt make sense for this theory

  • Paul Derham
    Paul Derham20 timer siden

    Lol cartoon sitcom is inconsistent and this means there must be a complex plot twist here.

  • Paul Derham
    Paul Derham20 timer siden

    Do your theories ever come true?

  • Space Jokcy22
    Space Jokcy2221 time siden

    Season 5 Episode 7 leaks are showing stuff that could support this

  • FCBarcelona313


    19 timer siden

    the opposite, rick is called C-137

  • badwolf66
    badwolf6621 time siden

    The secret is it sucks but they hope you don't see it.

  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood21 time siden

    Ok I know there's like a ton of information that debunks this theory but it would be pretty cool if you take into account Jessica's monologue from the S5E1 about side characters, it could've been hinting at this (Evil) Morty being a side character in C-137's story.

  • the best guy
    the best guy22 timer siden

    hey film theory i have a theory why cant everyone hear what stewie griffin is saying

  • Xavier Meyer
    Xavier Meyer22 timer siden

    Nah, remember how much hype was put into world ender? Never believe a word the creators say ever.

    SAGNIK DAS23 timer siden

    MatPat should have seen the leaked 7th ep before releasing this theory :3

  • Çağdaş Kadıoğlu
    Çağdaş Kadıoğlu23 timer siden

    Only this theory can make this season reasonable. Seriously this season sucks :(

  • Suck MeX3
    Suck MeX323 timer siden


  • Colt Lester
    Colt LesterDag siden

    Can’t wait for him to pull out the eye patch and say now is time for action

  • Jack Byrne
    Jack ByrneDag siden

    Wait in season 4 in the story train episode, didn’t Rick acknowledge the corona virus at the end of that episode?

  • leonardo cafferata
    leonardo cafferataDag siden

    TL;DR: nope, we are not watching different morty, debunked theory.

  • The Educated
    The EducatedDag siden

    agree but another rick said hey rick c 137

  • Aiden Butterfield
    Aiden ButterfieldDag siden

    After this weeks episode, I think this is right, after Rick asks Jerry how long he’s been living there and then he cuts him off saying don’t answer that

  • Lebendiges Gespenst
    Lebendiges GespenstDag siden

    I hope you’re onto something

  • Abel Martinez
    Abel MartinezDag siden

    Episode 7 mentioned Rick being C-137

  • acktually aintaddingup
    acktually aintaddingupDag siden

    Gotta love how they creators make fun of this channel making theories

  • Amos Sorri
    Amos SorriDag siden

    Explain the graves in Planetina episodes

  • Latifa Jawad
    Latifa JawadDag siden

    In the new game pocket mortys you can see a "old morty" that looks like rick

  • CoffeeSenpai
    CoffeeSenpaiDag siden

    what if, evil Morty was a decoy Morty all along?

  • Filthy Degenerate Weeb
    Filthy Degenerate WeebDag siden

    I have bad news. It’s not that the reason the show feels “off” is because it’s not our Rick and morty. It’s because the show isn’t good anymore. Just like what happened to the simpsons now it’s just gonna be terrible episodes made for money. The show is booked for 10 seasons right now. The show is just bad now and it’s sucks because Rick and morty has always been a bit different. Super meta and very smart but the show is just at its end. Season 4 was the beginning of the end. But not because of actually seasons of the show. It was the beginning of a bad Rick and morty

  • Stitchmaniac2
    Stitchmaniac2Dag siden

    This theory was almost so cool, but many things debunk this. For example, when planetina flies away from Morty after they break up, you can see the grave of the Rick n Morty from the episode where our Rick n morty came to this reality and buried their own bodies.

  • Rock The Red 8
    Rock The Red 8Dag siden

    I think the characters in Rick and Morty are just maturing or evolving. It's common for all shows. But I really hope that they have an episode with Evil Morty so we can get more insight into it.

  • Orion
    OrionDag siden

    They didn’t do the season beginning tradition

  • An Oreo with a lance
    An Oreo with a lanceDag siden

    12:13 What does it mean conversion to the darkside Is there evem a darkside in rick and morty

  • Jim Fandango
    Jim FandangoDag siden

    Fun video, but it likely boils down to a cope about the (comparatively) lackluster writing taking place in season 5.

  • LTDan
    LTDanDag siden

    All of season 5 so far has felt like garbage throw away episodes.

  • Charlie23 TV //
    Charlie23 TV //Dag siden

    Bro spoiled man

  • Gino Gamboni
    Gino GamboniDag siden

    The last episode is called Rickmari Jack. Titled based on Samurai Jack. A warrior lost in time and attempt to undo the destruction from a main villain. Main villain, time, undo destruction. Possible relation idk

  • Alfie
    AlfieDag siden

    11:40 isnt there meant to be a poster on the wall?

  • Hope Matthie
    Hope MatthieDag siden

    That is c137

  • Involten
    InvoltenDag siden

    show has had inconsistansies since season 3. they are rushing everything so much they arnt thinking through

  • rajsha kumar
    rajsha kumarDag siden

    Spoiler Alert : we aren't. Check back after the season ends.

  • ProblemSleuth
    ProblemSleuthDag siden

    Okay but in the planetina episode when she goes to Morty’s window you can see the grave for the morty that he buried after changing timelines

  • Jasmine Lauren
    Jasmine LaurenDag siden

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  • Arxx WyvnClaw
    Arxx WyvnClawDag siden

    s5e7 just confirmed: we *are* watching c-137 rick

  • Arxx WyvnClaw

    Arxx WyvnClaw

    Dag siden

    @Tim's Closet rick and summer summoned ricks from other dimensions. One of those ricks called our rick "c 137"

  • Tim's Closet

    Tim's Closet

    Dag siden

    What part, i missed that

  • nathan jones
    nathan jonesDag siden

    But more likely I think that the evil Morty is Rick's original morty from his original timeline, a reality in which Rick abandoned. Just like he and the Mortiest Morty did in season 1 and again in season 3 that was revealed in Mortys mind blowers when he fucked with squirrels. I think C-137 is actually from reality C-135 (evil Mortys reality)

  • xx
    xxDag siden

    I don't think this one works out how does Mr nimbus kno rick was the one form season 3 that did that if these r a different rick an morty remember they hav to b atleast a couple eps before season 3 6 cus evil morty makes a come back in tha Atlantis ep an even then Mr nimbus shouldn't remember that was rick cus that hasn't happen yet in this rick n mortys timeline.. sadly I don't think thus theorys right

  • nathan jones
    nathan jonesDag siden

    I think this may be an origin story for evil Morty, except that the reveal is that the evil Morty is part of a decoy family. When asked "candidate Morty, who is your Rick and what's your original timeline?" He responds, "Geez, we moved around so much that it's hard to keep track" And during all the confusion in that episode in season 5, the Mortys switched

  • Jalil Muhammad
    Jalil MuhammadDag siden

    I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but what about the 8 minute episode/short that adultswim posted last year. That shows how’s morty is rick and vice versa

  • nathan jones
    nathan jonesDag siden

    The part talking about "it wouldn't make sense for it not to make sense since Rick and Marty to have a nemesis in the ocean since they went to Atlantis in season 3" Doesn't track, 《Mr. Nimbus》: fine Rick, if it's a war with Atlantis that you want, so be it. 《Rick》: Oh I already went to war with Atlantis when I D-Dayed that mermaid puss. 《Mr. Nimbus》: I knew that was you!

  • StarBeetle
    StarBeetleDag siden

    I actually have more proof to back up the theory that this is a different family,in the season 4 episode (I forgot the name) the one with the face huggers Morty says the very Peculiar line, “next time can I get a laser whip?” And in season 5 episode 2 there’s a Morty that gets a laser whip, and I believe that was morty and Rick from C-137, and later in the episode is revealed to not be the real family witch I believe is what the creators want us to think.

  • Tyler's Bored
    Tyler's BoredDag siden

    Season 5 is my least favorite season so far. Just watched the turkey episode and realized I've only really liked 2 episodes so far. It's like they are ruining the show so they will get cancelled or something.

  • TenemaesLament
    TenemaesLamentDag siden

    We're 7 episodes into season 5. Face the truth: The new writers are garbage

  • Keuppi


    Dag siden

    It starts to seem like it. But there's still hope that they will do something

  • Anthony Romero
    Anthony RomeroDag siden

    If season 5 is about a multiverse then our multiverse but done the same thing but different episode but same Rick and Morty that we had but in A different episode or something

  • Ignited
    IgnitedDag siden

    Honestly I think it would be cool if season 5’s Rick and morty are just the ones from c-132, and episode 8 or 9 just ends with Rick and morty being murdered then the last episode or so is the setup for some big canon stuff in season 6?

  • Whiteteety97
    Whiteteety97Dag siden

    I don't think the writing team gets enough credit for using the multiverse theory in the most fun way that I show could. They don't over explain it to where we could pick it apart for flaws, but they explain it in a way that leaves it mysterious and promotes theory's on the show which let's be honest is free advertising. It also gives the show a sense of magical wonder while remaining true to it's story rules. The use of the multiverse helps the writing team cover the shows flaws but also gives the complete creative freedom to do whatever they want with the show which is ultimately the theme of Rick and Morty "The only rule, is that there are no rules"

  • Robby Lahrman
    Robby LahrmanDag siden

    Interesting theory but a bit of a stretch, if this is an origin that takes place in the past then Space Beth should not be there. Also in one of the episodes we see the graves, and mr nimbus says to Rick he knew it was him that slayed the mermaid puss.

  • thebeav PercabethFTW
    thebeav PercabethFTWDag siden

    Another weird thing about this season is how Bird Person hasn't been referenced AT ALL.

  • Dubs
    DubsDag siden

    I like the theory, especially because they seem to have just completely abandoned the Evil Morty story line. But you can't change the fact that season 4 & 5 have been boring. The wall story in Solar Opposites has been the best story by far.

  • WanderingHermit
    WanderingHermitDag siden

    It's kind of a common rule that cartoons don't age, look at the Simpsons and South Park. And the thing with Planetina, she was murdering people, Morty broke up with her, that doesn't sound like an evil Morty. Morty without toxins seems more like evil Morty. If this season is a different Morty, this Morty does not seem capable of taking over the Citadel, this Morty seems more like a normal teenager, than evil genius.

  • Pat Mcgowan
    Pat McgowanDag siden

    Even if it’s a different Rick and Morty they’d still live in Seattle they don’t share the United States with them